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Meet the team: volunteers - correspondents ~~ this webpage is www.folklife.org.uk/team.html


Our policy

  • All of us (correspondents, editors, designers, etc) are volunteers, we receive no payment, no free adverts, etc.-
    • Correspondents receive 4 copies of FQ per issue, to sell, or give away, or circulate at their session, as they wish
    • Correspondents receive free Membership of Folklife, so free listing of all their folk activities



  • Correspondents include festival-organisers, club organisers, performers
  • Correspondents give an area overview
    • Correspondents can mention their own festivals, clubs, sessions, performances: to a maximum about 1/4 of the column!
    • Otherwise, what Correspondents put in, and leave out, is entirely up to them
      • So (eg) in order to mention as many venues as possible, a venue might be mentioned but not their guests **


More for those interested in becoming FQ Correspondents after the list & map of correspondents

** A note to non-Members about sending your info to Correspondents

We are limited to 52 pages: otherwise increased print costs, and less obviously ...

+ technical problems at printers 

+ postage which shoots up disproportionately if another 4 pages 

+ not enough extra time to produce FQ

Many printed folk magazines have folded over the years!

So, whilst we are not a commercial organisation, we must closely monitor costs, adverts, and sales, in order to survive.  


Our prioritiesinformal free gatherings, & volunteer-run organisations 

- such as folk clubs, dances, music sessions, singarounds, small halls, and festivals run by unpaid volunteers.


Venues that have paid guests : we cannot guarantee that Correspondents will have room to mention them;

but for for 18 a year, you can join Folklife, and send in 200 words publicity per quarter (more words if paid advertising)


Organisations employing paid staff should consider joining Folklife for just 18 a year - less than 1 ticket for some events!  

You can then send in up to 200 words per issue (more if advertising).

FQ Correspondents - Cymru / Wales

Cymru:................................. Mick Tems

N Wales & Cheshire:................. Brian Bull

Volunteers welcome for Gwent/Mons and for Powys,

and for Welsh-language folk


FQ Correspondents - England


Cornwall .............................. Mike Walford

South Devon ....................... .. Martyn Hillstead

Mid & West Devon, East Somerset Bill Crawford

Glos & nearby, Blues Bulletin ...... Bill Pullen

Mid-West and other areas .......... Cresby (Mr Red)

Volunteers welcome for Bristol; Wiltshire; Dorset

FQ Correspondents - England


Shropshire................................... David Harley

South-West Herefordshire ........ John & Jane Baxter

North Worcs & South Birmingham ....... Bob Bignell

Coventry & Warks .......................... Malc Gurnham

Volunteers welcome for

South Worcs (Worcester city & southwards) and /or

Herefordshire (or part of Hfdshire eg north-east)



Oxfordshire ....................... Mary & Derek Droscher

retiring this issue, so new volunteer welcome

✪ And we welcome volunteers from any other areas!


Eden Tanner (left) and Colin Davies have joined us as volunteer photographers. As you'll see in FQ.


Bill Crawford (East Somerset) now also covers Mid & West Devon from Jan 2017


Feb 2017: Barbara Brown, Shammick Acoustic, has had to stand down as our North Devon and West Somerset correspondent.

We thank Barbara for her past contributions which were greatly appreciated.

Her last contribution was for the January 2017 issue of FQ .




In memory of Roy Palmer, left, a generous contributor of researched articles for our Folklife Traditions pages, freely donated for for over 30 years, from the days of FQ’s predecessor, the Somers’ Broadsheet, Aug 1983, to 2014.

And in memory of Tony Slinger, centre, former Bristol Correspondent;

and of John Taylor, right, our Worcs & Herefds Sessions Correspondent for many years; a tribute to John appears on http://jt-evening.weebly.com

TonyNov2011 IMG6776a

And for our Folklife Traditions pages in Folklife Quarterly,

we are regularly indebted to Doc Rowe for his list & pictures, to Roy & Leslie Adkins for articles, to Ian Pittaway who has just joined us;

and to Charles Menteith and to Gwilym Davies for songs with notes; and to others from time to time, as listed in FT.


AND YOU ? If you would like to email a column every quarter, covering your area (which can include your club/act), anywhere,

then we offer FREE MEMBERSHIP incl. free listings and up to 4 free copies.

*** as above - not mostly about your club/act - and - must be every quarter ! ***


Read on, and then contact us ! Contact details see homepage FQheader20146a

  • COVER an area, large or small (anywhere!), OR a SPECIAL INTEREST (eg morris, concertina, social dance ...)
  • Your 4 free copies: up to you what you do with them,
    • some sell 'em (in eg own club or elsewhere), some give away 1 to other club organisers, some circulate at their session on a read-and-return next time basis ...
  • Some like to write a lot, some don't.
  • Correspondents' word limit: 800 words (in a very few areas, 900, eg areas with many members and advertisers)
    • Suggested minimum is 350 ....... • word count doesn't include heading, contact details, etc.
  • Any separate venue-information list (summary-listing of regular events), is not included in 800-word limits.


  • House style: please avoid CAPITALS FOR NAMES ETC as we emphasize by using bold.
    • We'll add symbol for Members "(see ad/directory/festivals etc)"
  • Your style: some give bullet-point lists, some ramble on .... we welcome whatever style suits you 
  • Area covered: size of area is up to you. It doesn't matter if there is a bit of overlap.
    • Or perhaps a special interest, eg sessions, morris, concertina, dance.
  • Correspondents give an area overview
    • Correspondents can mention their own festivals, clubs, sessions, performances: to a maximum about 1/4 of the column!
    • Otherwise, what Correspondents put in, and leave out, is entirely up to them
      • So (eg) in order to mention as many venues as possible, a venue might be mentioned, but not their guests. See above "A note to non-Members about sending your info to Correspondents"
  • Your photo - please send a head and shoulders type (see examples below)
  • Pictures for column: entirely optional: a few high-res photo welcome. Printed in mono (so won't work if eg mainly black & red).
  • Deadlines: as top of page

Thanks, Sam.


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48/52 A4 printed pages, always containing Folklife Traditions News & Articles; and, from our Members,

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Publication dates, deadlines ✪✪ JAN, 20 Nov APR, 20 Feb JUL, 20 May OCT, 20 Aug


your Members' folk news & listings, published quarterly - do join us, Membership is only 18 a year !