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Not sure about what different sizes look like?

Help is at hand !


Guide to Page Sizes


this page is www.folklife.org.uk/sizes.html, and shows what A4 and A5 is


FQ is an A4 magazine as are fRoots, English Dance & Song, Living Traditions.

Many smaller regional folk magazines are A5.

Folk Monthly is 1/2 A4 across.

An A5 can't fit an A4 magazine - it must be made bigger or smaller:

we have made up some examples for you.

It may help to download them - sizes.pdf


  • In page 1, the green background, represents 4 x 1/4 A4.
  • You can simply reduce A5 to 1/4 A4 (1 of these 4 boxes)
    - or you can redesign it, as 2 of 4 green boxes (across or up) - see page 2, Chippenham FF advert.
  • Or, as page 3, you can simply enlarge A5 to A4 - as last page below.



  • We can reduce A5 to 1/4, we can enlarge A5 to A4.
  • We cannot stretch A5 to 1/2 A4 - it would be distrorted. If you want 1/2 A4, you have to redesign the A5.
    • You could design as 1/2 A5 and we could then enlarge to 1/2 A4


For sizes and prices, see infopagelink

The prices below relate to colour adverts.


For sizes and prices, see infopagelink1


An A4 can be page size less 11mm margin

OR it can be "edge-to-edge", as example below (size reduced to show proof marks etc)

IF edge-to-edge, border colour(s) MUST extend another 3mm beyond A4 on all sides,

this is to allow for printing machines not exactly aligning during the printing process


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