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your Members' folk news & listings, published quarterly - do join us, Membership is only 18 a year !


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[1] news & listings & festivals & workshops diary, from members only

[2] also several "Folklife Traditions" pages, articles, open to all

[3] Members' summary listings, Festival Diary, Woprkshop Diary

No reviews: instead members send their own publicity about their CDs

• Adverts limited (maximum of 1/4 of FQ), thus they will stand out more



  • mailto1 01684 561378
  • Folklife, 16 Barrett Rise, Malvern, Worcs WR14 2UJ



includes posted FQ,

18 a year


You don't have to advertise, you can simply join us (18/year) & send in some words! Club/concert news; Festival Diary gives details of next 12 months, so year-round publicity; your latest CD, gig dates, workshops ..

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Most Members are folk activists

(85% are listed in our Directories)

but anyone can join


Members include ...

... club/venue/festival organisers,

... performers, researchers, media, services


We welcome all enthusuasts!

Your news quarterly!

More details of Membership benefits below


Adverts from edge-to-edge colour A4 to 1/16 mono

For mono ads free basic typesetting [as ad on right]

Just email plain text + optional logo


Your advert appears in print - and is copied free online -

for 3 whole months

  • Adverts limited to 1/4 of FQ's pages so they stand out
  • publicises you / your events for 3 whole months in print & online
  • cost includes copying to this site or Directory site & printing ads in Folk What's On (= simply the ads in FQ), for libraries & concert venues

New to sending artwork?

Unsure about what sizes look like?

"Page sizes (A4/A5)

for beginners !"

What A4 and A5 is; why we can't print A5 - enlarge to A4 or reduce to 1/4

Membership not required for ads, but do join us - most regular advertisers have.

News / Listings from Members only. ... Details of Membership follow "Info Page"



•  ad rates & sizesFQ reselling discounts • Members' news word limits



or ... you could simply print this webpage, or ... we can email this pdf to you


Membership benefits

1 copy x 4 issues of Folklife Quarterly ("FQ"), posted to you for 1 year

your news / free publicity in FQ magazine quarterly, & copied online

your detailed listings in online Members' Directory, FQ's Festival Diary, FQ's Workshops Diary

1-line summary listings in FQ, which is copied online

  • Member-name, Contact Name, Phone & Website-link
  • Clubs/venues: same, plus Day, County, Town, Frequency
  • Festivals: full details in Festival Diary
  • Workshops - Diary & News for the quarter

Outside UK

... is ridiculously expensive to post.

EU x 175%. = TBA

USA x 200%. = TBA

Sterling only.

You must be on email.

So do join us - all this from only 18 a year UK!

that's only 1.50 a month !

Clubs, Festivals, Performers & any other Members, can sell FQ, and keep the money!

This is included in the Membership price ~ although donations always welcome!

Multiple copies are available at a discount, 6 or more 1.10 each = half-price, post-free

For you to resell (2.50), or circulate at your venue, or give away.

Folklife is a non-profit organisation, donations and sponsorship welcome

FQ includes Folklife Traditions ("FT") articles, see FT archives page


To join: contact details above. Please email your name, address, phone and ask us for our BACS details,

  • or post a copy of your email with a cheque made out to "Folklife"
  • or post a postal order made out to John Simmons. No payment by card, nor via this website.
  • Cost based on N of copies, per issue - multiple copies see "Info Page", above.

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Our most regular advertisers - that is, every issue.

Does not include eg those who might advertise most but not all issues.

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the Distribution webpage




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