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16 Barrett Rise

Malvern, Worcs, WR14 2UJ

United Kingdom

Phone: 01684 561378 ~ Sam & Eleanor Simmons

What we do is produce and distribute a printed folk magazine, in which you can advertise, and/or you can join us as a Member and send in your Members' news & listings (word limits apply). 
  • FQ publishes folk news & listings (from Members only), plus articles on folklife traditions (open to all).
  • Members can publicise their CDs etc - please do not send CDs for review to the editors.
  • FQ is a print magazine - we do not offer a forwarding service for emails, social media, etc 
Membership is £18 a year, for FQ by post, quarterly, plus your news & listings are welcome (word limits apply).
More on Membership, and advertising information, below.

Below: (1) Membership info (2) advertising info; OR download PDF (= FQ, p.3, a printed "info page")


Do Join Us !   Your Membership Benefits

⇒ Your Membership Benefits ~
FQ by post 
Free Editorial / Publicity, in print + online 
  • Festivals, Venues, Performers, Media, Services, Organisations, etc 
  • News & Reports, 
  • Listings: in this Directory, with summary in FQ
  • Festival Diary, Workshop Diary 
No form needed 
  • BACS: Folklife, sort code 09-01-55, account 1867518 
  • Or send a cheque: 16 Barrett Rise, Malvern WR14 2UJ 
  • Please email your name, address, phone 
  • if not on email, in CAPITALS please for name/address
  • Details for our use when posting - not shared with anyone else ​
  • Email form above
Posted : 1 year to 1 address £18 
  • 4 issues per year 
  •  x1= £18, x2=£20, x3=£21.50, x4=£23, x5 = £25 
Reselling 6 or more = less than 1/2 price ! 
  • post-free 6 or more ​by Clubs/Venues, Performers, Shops, and you 
  • Buy @ £1.10, sell @ £2.50 .. minimum 6 copies 
  •      x6 = £6.60 per quarter, or £26.40 a year, 
  •      x7 = £7.70 per quarter, or £30.80 a year … etc​ 
⇒ Word limits / Editorial 
Members' News up to 200 words, for each news item; 
  • more if advertising -- 1/16 250 words; 1/8 275; 1/4 300; 1/2 350; A4 450 
Your Reports, Dates, Festival Info, CD Info. 
  • Reviews: only as sent in by our Members, so please don’t send CDs to editors 
  • don’t count: heading [name/venue/start time], nor at end contact details 
  • Photos: B&W high-res (300 dpi) welcome 
  •   X  not low-res photos eg copied from web  X 
  • Word limits are for 1 item, you can send in more than 1, eg 2 CDs count as 2 items. 
  • Festival & Workshops Diaries: same word limits for “More Details” section. 
  • § Correspondents: usually 350 to 800 words; may vary, depends on local circulation/adverts ​
Folklife Traditions 
Articles & news ~ word limits by arrangement. 
Send News as plain email, or as RTF, or as Word **

** Using Word.doc/.docx ? 
Using 'Word' Footnotes and Endnotes ~
  • For any notes: please use Endnotes. 
  • Please do not use Footnotes. ​ 
How to convert Footnotes to Endnotes, see Contributions on our Folklife Traditions site,
§ Correspondents: in addition to Members' news, we have county / area /regional Correspondents. As we are setting up this site, for the time being, details are on the Directory site, FL-Team (

⇒ Your Adverts in FQ

  • stand out ………………… as advertising limited to just 1/4 of FQ! ​ 
  • value for money! … as your adverts will be shown for 3 months! 
  • and copied online (details on this site) 
  • and copied to our ads-only printed Folk What’s On, distributed free to TICs, libraries, & large general venues that include folk programming

Ads : Costs (no VAT charged)

££ shown at ‘Invoiced’ prices - but £4 less if prepaid ! 
  • A4: £222 colour / £84 mono 
  • Full edge-to-edge, and Front Cover @ 5/6th A4 … as A4 colour 
  • 1/2: £133 colour / £48 mono 
  • 1/4 [A6]: £75 colour / £28 mono 
  • 1/8: £46 colour / £18 mono 
  • 1/16:  £30 colour / £12 mono (so just £8 prepaid) ​ 

Book space by emailing your Purchase Order Nº. 
  • Invoiced terms = 30 Days from invoice date. 
  • Invoices (and receipts) are emailed.​ 
  • Discounts: x2 issues, 5%. x3, 10%. x4, 15%. 
  • Further ads will not be accepted if money is owing from last time ! 

Colour ads: only on covers/inside covers, or exceptionally on colour insert page 
  • You can book A4 colour position: prepaid, on 1st come, 1st served, basis 

You can deduct £4 from below if prepaid = you pay by deadline, so we don’t have to invoice (we'll email a receipt)
  • Members: mono ads placed as near as possible to your news or Diary entry 
  • Page preference-order to biggest (1st A4; 2nd 1/2; and so on) 

Ads : Sizes (A4)​

Ads : Sizes (A4)
Colour only 
  • Front Cover: up to 5/6ths A4 max w 210, max h 250, +3 mm bleed 
  • Edge-to-edge:   max w 210, max h 297, +3 mm bleed 
Colour or mono 
  • A4: max w 188, max h 275 
  • 1/2 across: max w 188, max h 132 
  • 1/2 column: max w 92, max h 268 
  • 1/4 [A6]: max w 92, max h 132 
  • 1/8: max w 92, max h 64 
  • 1/16: max w 44, max h 64 
Other: any combination of 1/16 boxes (4mm between boxes). 
Sizes include optional border 

Ads must be emailed (image or text) 
  • camera-ready ~ attach your tiff, jpeg, PDF - we can stretch to fit 
  • or email text: just email us the words; you can also attach 1 logo to be included; we will typeset, free, in our choice of typeface (as we regularly do for smaller clubs) 
  • complex adverts may appear differently, so please ask a professional designer to design & send them​ 
√ We use: Mac OS 10.7.5, Adobe InDesign CS 6.
Colour ads: you are advised to send us a printout so we can check colours. 
If B&W: pl convert colour to greyscale, & check that before sending. 
√  PDF as High-definition 300dpi, text 600 dpi, fonts embedded; if B&W ad, send only as greyscale. 
Tiff, √ Jpeg.  But forWord, please see note below. 
Note for your display adverts:   a Word “.doc” is not an image, so can't be used directly 
  • You can "Save" Word as a PDF - but design with a good margin or top or bottom may go missing 
  • GO TO⇒ "Print
  • Then GO TO⇒ "Save As PDF
  • before sending, check that nothing missing at the margin - we can't alter PDFs if we find a line missing
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