Members: deadline info & Folklife notes

for our Members  (& Treasurers, Publicity, etc)


Information below is supplementary to Info Page, please read that first.


Membership rates, ad rates, word limits, details on the "Info Page" in FQ,

or view "Info Page" online; you can download "Info Page" as a PDF; or we can email you that PDF.


IF, after reading the Info Page, you have any further queries, please check below for more info, before emailing us. Thanks.



Folklife Quarterly deadlines as above

Reminders are emailed to give you a fortnight's notice. Any deadline problems please email me ASAP.


<1>  sending ADVERTS -- by email only

  • Attach your image (tiff, jpeg, PDF), we can stretch to fit our sizes if necessary.
    • image, not a Word .doc.   Convert your .doc as a .PDF: go to "Print", then "Save as PDF"
  • OR simple email - we typset from your plain text email, you can also attach one logo to be included. 
  • IF we have more than 3 pages of colour, then colour adverts might be an insert page.


<2>  sending EDITORIAL -- by email plain text or as Word attachment

  • Researched articles for Folklife Traditions pages, pl see "FT contributions"
  • Members news, reports, general introductions, dates - your year-round free publicity
  • Venues [Clubs, Sessions, Concerts], Performers, Agents/PR, Media, Services/Shops
  • ---- Festival Diary next 12 months,  Workshop Diary,  Folklife Traditions articles & news; Directory updates.
  • ---- WORD LIMIT, for each item: 200, please check (as if over word-limit, may print first 200 words)
    • more words if advertising, see FQ or "Info Page" online for details
    • Correspondents: 350 to 800 words


<3> We also have an ONLINE MEMBERS' DIRECTORY, with links for your listings, on our new dedicated Directory site

  • Updates already sent will be on Updates page (, as well as being added to the appropriate webpage
  • For each quarter: FQ will include these Updates every quarter
  • Anything else that you want listing? 

Folklife notes

We welcome correspondents, see Team page


Our companion website is a Folk Directory for Wales (online only), which is bilingual.

  • With the new .cymru domain becoming available, we have changed this website from to
  • The email has also changed to sam [at], but Folklife Members should email us as usual at Folklife (other than routine gig lists, etc)
  • We copy FQ's Wales pages; Mick Tems also provides occasional articles for both FQ's Folklife Traditions pages and for BG site

Resell FQ on a quarterly (rather than yearly) basis?

FOR 6 OR MORE: less than half-price, including postage!

so just 1.10 each, = 4.40 a year, so 6 = 6.60 per issue, or 26.40 per year.

  • If you want to try selling for 1 issue at your club, local sessions, festival, shop 
  • .... you can now buy 6 or more for 1 issue, without being committed for a whole year.
  • A great deal, but …. note that unsold ones cannot be returned !  


Homepage has links to other pages, which now include

  • Distribution: map of where 3 or more FQs are sent, with links to those websites, incl. Correspondents; we've increased free distribution of Folk What's On, which is simply the ads from FQ, to concert-venues etc.
  • The online "Info Page" now has a map of our regular [every-issue] advertisers


  • Note: my former email address for Somers Trad. Folk Club, stfc{…at…}, is closed, emails will not be delivered; instead please email Chris at STFC via STFC website


Best wishes, 

Sam, for the Folklife volunteers 




  • Please publicise our new website, if you have a website link, blog, mailing list - thanks.
  • Link as " Folklife Quarterly (printed, online) articles, news, directory listings "


Folklife, publishers of Folklife Quarterly -- printed, and facsimile copied online

48/52 A4 printed pages, always containing Folklife Traditions News & Articles; and, from our Members,

News 100s of Directory Listings; Directory Updates Festival Diary Workshop Diary details on homepage



Publication dates, deadlines ✪✪ JAN, 20 Nov APR, 20 Feb JUL, 20 May OCT, 20 Aug


your Members' folk news & listings, published quarterly - do join us, Membership is only 18 a year !